4th Generation Manufacturing Jewelers


Ethan Diamonds is an American fine jewelry manufacturing company, family owned and operated, since 1919. Our extensive selection of fine quality diamond, gemstone and gold jewelry is sold to retail jewelry chains, ecommerce sites and independent jewelers across the country.

Now, Ethan Diamonds is selling our line of fine quality jewelry well below retail, to the general public, by appointment only.

With generations of expertise, Ethan Diamonds ensures an excellent shopping experience for you and the ones you love.

Our History


Humble Beginnings – Like many American families, Edward J. and Benjamin Gross were brought to this country, from Hungary, by their parents in the late 1800’s in search of a safer and more prosperous future.

1st Generation – Manufacturing Jewelers

Early Twentieth Century

In the early part of the twentieth century, after settling in the Bronx, the two boys, now young men, worked their way into the New York City jewelry industry – Benjamin with his keen sense of jewelry design, and Edward, with his extensive knowledge of diamonds and colored stones.


In 1919, the Benjamin & Edward J. Gross Co., Inc., New York, N.Y. is launched.
Edward, with more than a decade of success in the colored stone business, and Benjamin, with his creativity and design abilities, establish the Benjamin & Edward J. Gross Co., Inc., a diamond ring manufacturing company. The new business sets up shop on Canal Street, the original Jewelry District in New York City. Later, when the Jewelry District moved uptown, the Benjamin & Edward J. Gross Co., Inc., opens their manufacturing facility at 64 West 48th Street.

Rings O’ Romance

The two brothers trademark the name, Rings O’ Romance. Rings O’ Romance was one of the first nationally advertised lines of diamond rings and quickly becomes one of the biggest lines of fine quality diamond rings in the country. “Rings O’ Romance” is engraved inside each ring and signifies their commitment to quality to both the retail jeweler selling their rings and their customers. The “Rings O’ Romance” trademark, and its significance to quality, continues to this day.

1935 – Bridal Set Patent Awarded

In 1935, the brothers file for a patent on what we know today as the Bridal Set. The patent is awarded in April of 1937, and its principles of design are still in use today across the globe.
“This invention relates generally to jewelry sets or ensembles and more specifically to finger ring sets. In its specific embodiments, the invention is concerned more practically with rings usually worn together on the same finger, such as an engagement ring and a wedding ring which, in combination, may be referred to as a bridal set.
One object of the invention is to provide the rings of a set with the means to prevent them from being displaced with respect to each other on the wearer’s finger.” 
Edward J. Gross

2nd Generation – Manufacturing Jewelers

Albert Gross, the son of Edward, grows up following his father and uncles’ love of the jewelry industry. Albert becomes an integral part of the Benjamin & Edward J. Gross Co., Inc. After years of service to his father and uncle, Albert opens and runs a chain of retail jewelry stores on the east coast.
Albert Gross with is father, Edward.

3rd Generation – Manufacturing Jewelers

In the late 1950’s, Albert’s son, Phillip, joins the Benjamin & Edward J. Gross Co., Inc. Like his father and grandfather before him, Phil finds his passion in the jewelry manufacturing industry. As the Benjamin & Edward J. Gross Co., Inc. grows, they open a chain of leased jewelry stores in a large, national retail chain. Phillip manages this division of the company until the Benjamin & Edward J. Gross Co., Inc., is sold in 1963 to a major retail jeweler headquartered in Akron, Ohio. 


Phil stays with the large and growing company in Akron for 16 years, before venturing out on his own and establishing Diamond Designs, Inc., a manufacturing jewelry company. The newly formed Diamond Designs, Inc. (DDI) follows the same successful model established by his grandfather and great uncle, building fine quality diamond and gemstone jewelry. With his solid track record in the industry and his extensive knowledge of fine quality diamonds, gemstones and gold, Phil establishes DDI as a leading US jewelry manufacturer which serves retail jewelers, both large and small, to this day.

4th Generation – Manufacturing Jewelers

After graduating from The Ohio State University in 1995, Phil’s son, Brad, joins DDI. Like the generations before him, Brad has found his passion for manufacturing fine quality diamond and gemstone jewelry. 
In 2009, Brad obtained the rights to the Rings O’ Romance trademark. Today, you will find the “ROR” mark on the jewelry DDI manufactures. As it did nearly 100 years ago, the “ROR” mark is your assurance of fine quality. 
DDI’s vast selection is sold today through jewelry stores of all sizes, ecommerce sites as well as independent retailers nationwide.

The Future & Ethan Diamonds

Now, in the 4th and possibly soon to be the 5th generation, Brad and Phil have opened a showroom in the Akron area. The “By Appointment Only” retail store allows the general public access to their extensive line of fine quality jewelry at prices well below retail, plus, custom design service. The generations of expertise ensures an excellent experience for you and the ones you love.
It may be a little early to start talking about the 5th generation, but Brad’s son, Ethan, is well on his way to carrying on the tradition. Stay tuned!

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